Get Trazodone Online UK

The drug Trazodone is an antidepressant prescription medication, which can be prescribed treat depression. You can get Trazodone in UK both online and offline. To buy Trazodone online you don't need valid doctor's prescription.

It may take the time of several weeks before anxiety and depression symptoms begin to relieve, when taking Trazodone.

Usually, Tradozone is prescribed in the case, when other antidepressant medications are not effective.

Taking this medication requires constant monitoring of the patient’s sugar level in the blood.

Method of Application

Buying Trazodone is available to adults over 18 years old, who suffer from different kinds of depression.

The medication is available in a liquid form, the form of capsules and tablets.

Taking Trazodone may cause drowsiness. A common dose of 300 mg can be taken once a day, it is better to use it in the evening before going to bed.

The action of the drug Trazodone may cause such a symptom as drowsiness. That is why taking it before bedtime can help to cope with sleeping problems and insomnia.

High doses can be divided into two intakes during a day. Higher dosage usually includes more than 300 mg of the drug a day.

The medication may cause unpleasant sickness, so it is recommended to take the Trazodone antidepressant medication after taking a meal.


The common daily Trazodone dosage for the treatment of depression is 150 mg. The dosage may be set only by the doctor. If it’s necessary, the doctor may change the daily amount of the medication, to avoid the occurrence of various side effects. The initial daily dosage may include 100 mg.

The common daily dose for the treatment of anxiety is 75 mg a day.

The prescribed dosage may be increased or decreased during the treatment depending on the intensity of the drug’s action. Any change in dosages should strictly occur under the doctor’s control.

It’s forbidden to have several doses simultaneously, because it may cause negative consequences, including overdosing.

If the patient forgot to take the drug according to the planned time, then it’s necessary to skip the missed medication intake and take the drug when there will be the time of taking the next dosage.


The dosage of the medication Trazodone, which may cause an overdose, varies from person to person. Much depends on the symptoms, experienced by the patients.

Overdose symptoms: weakness; dizziness; cramps; breathing problems; drowsiness; heart troubles.

Side effects

If you experience the following side effects after taking the medicine, immediately contact your doctor: fatigue; drowsiness; nausea; dry mouth; headache; urination problems; constipation.

The occurrence of the following side effects requires immediate hospitalization: rapid heartbeat; painful erection, which lasts up to 4 hours even if there wasn’t any sexual intercourse; a strong allergic reaction.

Other serious consequences include: skin rash; breath shortness; chest tightness; problems with breathing.

The full range of possible side effects, which may occur as a result of taking Trazodone, is described in the instruction leaflet, which comes with the medication.

If you observe any changes in your health state, then you should contact your doctor immediately and tell about all the symptoms you experience.


You should tell the physician about your pregnancy, or if you plan to become pregnant before buying Trazodone. Also inform the doctor if you became pregnant during the treatment. The doctor will tell you about all the risks, as well as make changes in the course of treatment, if it’s necessary to maintain the child’s health.